Grade 6

Medicine Hat

Meaning of Home

The meaning of home to me is like when you don’t realize that what you have is good until you don’t have it . I think that we should appreciate what we have like the things i have such as my mom and the things my mom does for me also she gets me candy ,toys, and much more but she got me a bird for my birthday , also we just bought a house that is right across the street from my grandparents house and the people next door have a dog named Bear who is just a full on sweetie they also have three cats one named Miss. Kitty , Patches and then there is Penny who will only be your friend if Bear is around . So my way of meaning of home is to notice what you have is amazing like moms , dads , grandparents and even animal lover and kind neighbors , everything around us is amazing because we have more than others which we should appreciate more . Family’s with next to nothing have to live without television ,computers, and much more some even have to live on the streets, so when you say “ I don’t have anything because you won’t get me that.” so we should appreciate what we have and think before we say what is said . That’s my meaning of home.