Grade 5


meaning of home

A home to me is somewhere you feel safe. When I moved into my house I didn’t think I could live there. All the stuff was new but some of it was cool, like the door under my stairs. When I moved in with all my stuff I felt safe but not completely. After about three nights I felt safer. Now after four years I know where everything is and the people in the neighborhood. I have two birds and when I come home from school they are so happy and that makes me feel at home. But I am sad to say some people don’t get this. Some people don’t get to come home from school and play with family. Some people don’t get to go to school and get a good education. So that’s why I do this I do this for them. I do it so I can raise ten dollars. I know it’s not much but when lots of people do it is a lot of money, so I hope we get lots of money for people to get a home. A home is where you get care from family. You go through thick and thin and small and big. A home is a special place and I hope everybody can have one.