Grade 6

Moncton NB
New Brunswick

Meaning of home

Hello, I’m going to be sharing a little bout what home means to me!
First of all I think everyone deserves a home and a safe place to feel loved safe happy and healthy. Everyone has the right to feel safe because in my home I know that I’m cared for and loved. Next, home should be your safe place that you can rely on! Another thing I am so, so, so, grateful for everything in my home food, electricity, my own room a family and even a toothbrush because I know there are some people who have to live on the streets or struggles to pay for their own home. Next, I love all the memories at my home laughter, games or just hanging out with my family in general. Home to me is where you should feel safe and not lonely or afraid! I’m am so grateful that both my parents work their hardest and do their absolute best to keep me my sister and brother safe in our home! My home is incredibly special to me because it belongs to me and no other! Something else , I love is a feeling you get when you feel loved personally I’ve once delivered food to homeless families and to see the look on their faces is literally like a heart changing experience. After all, writing this SA was actually kind of difficult just because I’ve never really thought how lucky I was until I realized how grateful I am and how much I’m loved at home. Finally that was my SA about the meaning of home in my opinion!