Grade 6

Moncton NB
New Brunswick

Meaning Of Home

Hi, Today I will be sharing with you about what home means to me and how important it is!
Home is somewhere we should all feel love and safety. Home to me is where I feel loved and know I belong. There is no price tag you can put on home! No other home can defeat it. I feel lots of love and laughter at home. For all those kids who have parents that are divorced I know what you were going through and don’t worry there will always be someone there loving you even if it’s a friend, pet, or family member. I never did care if we were poor or if it was a big or a little house because it’s not about how rich you are it’s about the non-tangible things like love, laughter, friends and care. I have always had enough money to support me and my needs. My mom works at Walmart and she works so very hard to support us and even if you do have good money never take advantage of that cause our parents work very hard for that. I believe money does not fall from the sky it comes from our parent’s bank account or their checks. My family and I love each other and it will never change. My parents are so encouraging and want me to have a good future they put me in front of everything else and I think that is so sweet. I think everyone deserves a home somewhere they know they are loved. I am grateful that I have a family who loves me! A lot of my family lives in the United States and it’s tough sometimes because I miss them so much. I wish I could donate to the homeless also!