Grade 5


Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home

Everybody believes a house is a home, but a house is just brick and stone.
A home to me is a place with family.
A home is a place with love.
A home is a place we share.
A home is not just a place to sleep, but it is a shelter that keeps us safe.
A home is earned.
A home is fresh sheets.
A home is a big bag of treats.
A home is a vault of memories like learning to talk, walk or even run.
A home is a place we come back from after an adventure.
A home is a place we regenerate.
A home is where we return after a day at school or work.
A home is a place that keeps you calm.
A home is a start to living a great life.
A home brings you up when you’re feeling down.
A home is where your story begins.
Home is too good to be true.