Grade 4

British Columbia

meaning of home

Meaning of Home by: Parker Nowak
When you have a home you carry a feeling that is almost impossible to describe, and when you try to describe it you have trouble trying to find words to use. A home is where you come home from school and your family member comes and asks how your day at school was or maybe you do a something after school, home is where you have your family there. And home is where you share your awesome, funny, sad, nervous, scared and some times mad moments. Or when you almost kill your siblings and or try to start your parent’s car. Home is where you share holidays with your family. Home is where you get scared because of the doll in your room and you scream even though you know that its not alive or going to kill you like chucky! Home is where your parents freak out when your going to be born, home is where your parents bring you home from the hospital and smile at you with this warm, cuddly, bright smile. Home is where your parents hear you say your first word and then soon they see you start to crawl when your using all your strength, home is where you start to walk and soon run and your parents have to chase you to put you into the bath tub. Sometimes when I’m walking I see people on the street wearing wrecked up cloths and holding up a bucket saying ‘’change, please!’’ or holding up signs saying ‘’I need a home!’’ I feel so bad for them I would not imagine having no place to go. Home is every thing in life to me.
And that’s the meaning of home.