Grade 5


Meaning Of Home

Every family needs a home. A home that makes you feel safe, comfortable and protected. Home is everything. We spend such a large portion of our life at home so it has to be something special. Home is where you eat, sleep, play and relax. Every family needs that. There are millions of families all around the world that do not have a home. Habitat for Humanity helps those families so they can have a decent and affordable home. Imagine how hard it is in the winter or when there’s a storm, without a home, how would you get through it? This is why I am glad that an organization like Habitat for Humanity exists. One day I would like to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and help build homes. For me, home means safety and security. Home is where all your stuff is. Home is where you are warm and comfortable. Home is where your family comes over for parties. Home is like a big warm hug. Home is love. Home is where the heart is.