Grade 5

Saint Laurent

Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home

My name Makayla and I am 11 years old. I live with my brother named Benjamin and my parents. The reason why I am writing this essay is because I want to help raise money for people who don’t have homes and raise awareness for Habitat for Humanity.

What is home to me? Home to me is a place where you could build relationships and friendships. In my home, I spend time with my family. We have friends come over, we play outside with our neighbors and we have my grandparents over every weekend. Home to me, keeps me cold in the summer and hot in the winter. My home is a place where we are protected from the cold, snow and the rain. I always feel comfortable and I always feel safe. Safety to me is feeling and knowing that our neighbourhood is filled with nice, friendly people. Its a nice community with people walking around with their dogs, saying hello! Home to me is where I feel cozy. Coziness is sleeping in a warm bed with fluffy pillows, a thick blanket and a big bed all my own.

What if we had no home? I would be fearful and anxious everyday. We wouldn’t feel protected because we would have no shelter. We would have to live on the streets or move to different places everyday. It would be hard to find food and you wouldn’t feel cared for. You would have to sleep on the ground or bench and you probably wouldn’t have family or friends to comfort you.

I’m very blessed to have a home, a wonderful family and to be able to afford to live in nice surroundings. My parents work hard to give us everything we need. My house is a home because it is comfortable, safe, bright and healthy. This contest is called The Meaning of Home and I feel like I’ve already won the prize. To me, the prize, is my home.