Grade 6

Portugal Cove, St. Philips, NL
Newfoundland and Labrador

Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home
By: Hope Thomas

Home is a place for relaxing times
Cuddling and snuggling with family
A chance to think of ups and downs.
Family you can talk to when they’re around.

Home is where you can make mistakes
And also have some cookies to bake
Home is where you’re safe and sound
It’s a place to laugh and play around
Home is what you leave behind every morning,
Family, warmth, protection and love.

We need to give a home to everyone in the world.
Everyone needs somewhere they can snuggle and cuddle with people they love. Give at least one family these things,
They will be happy as long as they can live with love.

We need to try our hardest to show support to families without shelter and a home
And we can give them that today, with just a little essay!