Grade 6

New Brunswick

Meaning of Home


Home is where everything starts. Home is like a chapter of your life. It is a necessary thing for everybody. Home is protected. A house is a type of home. A home does not need to be fancy. It needs only necessities like safety, food and water, heat and a smiling family.

A home is not made from money. It is made with love and materials. A home does not need a computer or a television. It needs a dose of love. We don’t need five million computers for it to be a home. If our ancestors could survive without computers, then we can survive without computers.

Humans have invented many good inventions like air conditioning and electronic heat but also bad things. Businesses persuade you to buy useless things at a very high price. Many people who are involved with Habitat for Humanity have good paying jobs but they cannot afford repair for their home. Maybe it is because that they buy unnecessary things that give them more time but take away lots of money. We can all avoid this so we can do well in life.

I’m very fortunate for the home I own and love. I entered this contest with my classmates so we can raise lots of money to build homes across Canada