Grade 6

Moncton NB
New Brunswick

Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home
To me and most other people home and house are two very different meanings. Sure houses have walls, doors, tables etc, but home is where you feel comfortable and you can express yourself how ever you want. Here are some differences of home and house.
First, a house can be different sizes. They can be mansion or little cottages. They all keep roofs over our heads so that at night we have a place to sleep. Just because you sleep at your house does not that it is a home though. Houses can have chandeliers or they don’t even have lights in some places of the world. They just keep us warm at night and cooled in the summer so that we do not toast in the heat of the sun. A house also has furniture, appliances, food and other necessary stuff.
Now, for the meaning of home. Home is where you feel comfortable and safe and loved. When you get home from a hard day of work you can just relax with your family and watch a movie. It’s where you can sleep at night and have great dreams and sleep very good. Homes are the best. You can feel great and sad at the same time. My favorite is when at Christmas everyone gathers up and have a big family dinner. You feel so happy and loved and it’s just amazing
That is the difference between home and house. I would forever prefer having a home rather than a house. What would you prefer?