Grade 6

New Brunswick

Meaning Of Home

Meaning Of Home

Home has a very different meaning than house. A house are the walls,ceiling,windows and floors. While home is a place where you feel safe, secure and happy.

When I am at home I feel safe. I am never scared of trying new things or being made fun of. Home can mean different things to different people but to me I feel loved,safe and secure.To me the meaning of house is more of the structural aspect. As in the chairs,tables beds and couches. You could live without all of those things but it would be very hard to live without love,security and family. Electricity and heat are a part of our house but they also have a big impact in our home because heat ensures comfort and warmth. While electricity keeps the family together for movie nights.

In a home there is always your family who will love you no matter what happens. To me that is the biggest aspect of home.