Grade 6

Medicine Hat

Meaning of home

A house is where you sleep and eat, a home is all that but more. A home is where you dance and play. Where you sneak out of the to go to a party that your parents said you can’t got to but you sneak out anyways or when your babysitting and the toddler colors on the walls the you get stuck cleaning it all up. When you stay up all night with friends.
A house is some where you go. You don’t stay cause it doesn’t have a home feel home is some where you can do anything a house. A home is where your mom comforts you when your sad or when your dad tells you to keep your eye on the ball when you’re playing baseball and you get hit in the face with the ball. Or when you are told to clean your room and you don’t listen to them and you get in more trouble. A home is where you tell your best friends what happened at school or when they tell u what they did and then they do something stupid the meaning of home cannot be explained its different to every one there is no one feeling you could describe it with