Grade 5


Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home

Everybody thinks that a home is the same as a house and a house is the same as a home. They aren’t the same at all. A house is a place where you stay for shelter. A home is a place where you feel safe, loved, cared, and you spend time with family. I made a story that presents to everybody that they might be mistaken about a home.

Once upon a time there was a little girl Melissa and she went to school like every other kid in the world, but her life behind her smile wasn’t exactly the same as everybody else’s.

Melissa lived on the streets, all alone with nobody else but her grandfather who was really sick. She found a tent in the garbage and that’s what her and her grandfather slept in every night. Melissa got money by stealing markers from school and written “Donate money to the poor” or “please help” on her tent.

She never really fit in at school. All the kids would talk about how much fun they had in their homes. All Melissa could talk about was that she got $2.50 from a nice man that passed by her tent. She didn’t have many friends; all the kids didn’t like her because she was different.

One day, a little girl named Shannon passed by her tent and she felt really bad for Melissa. She took out some money from her Epipen case that was just for emergencies and put it in Melissa’s bucket. Shannon kept on doing that for days, weeks, and months until she thought, “I need to make this little girl and grandfather a new home”. After those words, Shannon’s donation box kept getting fuller and fuller until Melissa and her grandfather finally got a home.

Melissa was so happy and Shannon became her new best friend. Also from that day, Melissa and Shannon started raising money for other families that needed a home.

In conclusion, some people don’t get to have the feeling you get when you are at your home. You should be thankful that you are able to have that feeling,