Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning Of Home

The Meaning Of Home

Home is a place where I feel safe. Where I sleep, weep, and eat. When I am at home I feel loved, and warm. When I am at home I sometimes feel annoyed, melancholy, happy, and perplexed. Home to me is a wonderful place, what is home to you? How do you feel when you are at home. I asked two people what home is to them and one of them said:

“When I am at home I feel contented that I have a roof over my head, food to eat, water to drink, and a bed to sleep in when the night gets cold. Home to me is a place where I feel safe, warm, and happy. I am glad that I have a home, for many people do not. Be grateful for what you have, for home is a gift.”

The other one said this:

“Home is a place cramped with no space, Children running about all over the place! Toys and books all over the floor. Chairs and desks tables and more, piled high with papers and cupboards full of food that need to be refilled every week. Clothes in baskets and draped over chairs. To me home is a place where I feel cramped and with no space, yet no matter how cramped it may be when I am at home I feel safe, happy, warm, and glad that I have a home for some do not. Home is a feeling, for you home could be school, or your grandparents place, or maybe even your friends house. Home can be anywhere.”

Home is different for everyone but at the same time it is very much alike. Think about this and ask yourself: What is home to me?