Grade 5

St. Laurent

Meaning of home

A home is a caring place to be living in. Many people don’t have a home or don’t have no one to care for them. Some houses are destroyed by natural disasters. Even some people are living on the street and hold up a sign that says “need food” or “have no money” and some people feel bad and give food or money and some people don’t care. When I think of a home I think of a loving place. A home is not just a place to sleep in. It is a place where you have shelter. The lesson of the meaning of home is that it is a loving and caring place. You can enjoy your home by decorating it for the holiday’s or to have special memories. Even if it is cold outside,a house can block the cold wind. A home is a home and even if you can’t have a home just as long as you have a roof over your head.