Grade 6

Medicine Hat

Meaning Of Home

When I am at home, I feel warm and protected by loved ones. Some memories in my old house in Brooks were, when I was turning eight, that was when I got my first guitar from my grandpa. At first I had no clue what I was supposed to do with it, but at my school back in Brooks there was a guitar class which was pretty cool. That was when I started guitar, but then I moved to Medicine Hat. A couple other nice things about my house are I get to share it with my family and that’s where we do birthday parties and we do baking, tell about are day at the dinner table, and have Christmas and Thanksgiving, and Halloween, Easter, April Fools, St.Patrick’s Day and other wonderful Holidays!! When I moved to Medicine Hat and I took my gerbil Germen The Germy Gerbil with me, But a couple months later his teeth grew too long and we tried to help him by clipping his teeth with nail clippers but he was in so much shock and then he passed away right there in my hands, my mom told me that he is in a better place now and I believe that till this day!! I really do miss my home and friends in Brooks but i’m happy i have new friends in Medicine Hat!!