Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home
Home means a lot to me. It is a place where I feel safe, accepted, loved and many more. Home is where my family is. We do a lot of activities here that are memorable. Home is where happy and sad moments occur. Home is a special place and it will always be a special place. Home is where I start and end my day.

Many events take place in my home. We celebrate our birthdays and sometimes Christmas parties in our home. In my home, I do a lot of things: my homework, and other things that I like to do. Home is where memories are created like celebrating my birthday there, and soon I will get my own bedroom!

In my home, there are lots of things that I enjoy. I have all of my electronics and even Wi-Fi. My most favourite thing about my home is that my family lives there and they’re always there for me. Home to me is where I know that I am with my family and I feel safe and comfortable. When I am at home I feel free to do whatever I want. I can be silly, crazy, serious, lazy and whatever I what.

Many memories are made like when my birthday was celebrated, and when my family stays up late just to watch T.V. The house that I am currently living in is my second home, but I treat it as my first home because I have lived in it for most of my life. I feel happy in my home because it is a place where I feel accepted and a place where I know I belong. I am thankful to have a home because it is a place where my family and I could stay.