Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home

Home is the best place to be. You can do lots of things at home. You can do your homework. You can relax because it’s quiet. You can play video games on the weekend. You can study, read books, and watch television. You can eat peacefully and have more time to have a snack.

Home is where you can play with your parents, brothers, and sisters. Home is where the fun begins. Home is a place you can go outside in the backyard. You can play board games with your family at home. Home is where you can do lots of things.

I wish everyone had a home because it keeps you warm, keeps you safe, keeps you happy, and keeps the rain out. Home is not just a place for comfort; it’s also a place for the family to be safe and together. Home is like a cozy place to be safe and healthy. Home is where I should be! I think everyone should have a home like me.