Grade 4

Nova Scotia


Meaning of Home

To me « home » is a place that I fe safe and wer I can get help when I need it and a place where i can get warmth.

I remember when… My brother fell in a pit a big pit and so me my mom and my dad all rescued him and he was not severely injured

It made me feel sad that I had to leave my other home because people -forst me and my family out. but it was worth it because now i have a beautiful home. and in the process some people got hurt but they liket doing it and they think that it was the best home they ever made.

It’s important to have a house and a « home » because you will have a shelter and in the winter you will not freeze to death. and you can make food, and fresh water and you will get food poisoning if you don’t have a home and you won’t live as long like Afrika they probably live until 40 not even