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Meaning of Home

When I was 7 I went to Toronto. and there were all these people living on the street. I knew it was the truth, some people have no home, no shelter no food and even no water. But I didn’t really think much about it. So now that I am older I realize I take everything for granted and usually don’t think about the people who are not as lucky as me or you. I usually don’t think about all the people who don’t have food in their fridge or water from the tap, and they don’t even have a roof over their head. The world is really not beautiful in everybody’s eyes. I think houses serve in many different ways like for the safety, the pets, the fun, the happiness, the nice people, the games, the coziness, the comfort and the love. People living on the street have one home they could actually call home but it’s a street or bench. I feel bad to see homeless people and watch other people walk by, and no one donates a dollar. I have seen people who just sit there and wait for some really nice person that will donate and it never happens. If I brought some money around I would donate but I don’t just carry money around. I can’t bare watching these people with family somewhere out that that they have no idea where. People everywhere, like here in Brantford have no home to live in and no place they could actually call home. Most people don’t know that people don’t have homes, don’t have food, don’t have money or they don`t care. Donating to the homeless can and should start with me and my family. Then maybe more people will do it.