Grade 4

Nova Scotia

Meaning of home


Did you ever have your best day ever because your family told you could go to someplace amazing that’s how I felt when my family told me me and my family could go to Disney World so readers i’m going to tell you about my trip to Disney World.


First me and my family were in St. Pete’s beach and my mom said we were going home I was sad but then we were not going home and I said “where are we really going” and my mom said “do you REALLY want to know” and I immediately said “YES” and guess what she said she said we are going to Disney World my frown turned into a smile I looked at my brother he looked at me we were thinking the same thing then we both yelled at the same time “WE’RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!!” I was so excited I pictured what it would be like in Disney World then I pictured what if it was totally lame. The moment we got there we went to a place called Port Orleans and got this band that makes you go on all the rides.