Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Meaning of home

I was in my room and it was a cold snowing December day. I was getting changed to walk my dog. I started walking for quite a while. Then seeing a man who looked very poor I felt bad but did not have any food or money on me. He had a cardboard sign saying. “ I need food, no money please help.” I walked by feeling very bad not giving him anything. When I finished walking my dog I told my mom and she said, “Maybe tomorrow we can give him something”. Then the next day came and I reminded my mom and she said, “Okay let’s go there now and we can see what he is all about”. I brought my dog and my mom was talking to him and the man had a very meaningful story about when he became homeless and before .My mom gave him food and a bottle of water. My mom started crying and then the man said, “God bless you”. I went home and since Christmas was coming up we went shopping to try and find him a Christmas present. When we did we gave him a black slick tuxedo and 1000 dollars in cash. When it was Christmas time ( which was only 5 days away), we had our Christmas tree all decorated and lots of presents under it. We always have Christmas dinner on Sunday but sadly we could not invite him because we have already made our food for how many people were coming. We could not stop thinking about the homeless man who we found out his name it was“Frank”. We knew we had to do something. When the time came for Christmas dinner we had a big Christmas party and had quite a lot of leftovers. When the guests left it still was not too late so we decided to give frank all of the leftovers and he was so happy he cried. So every day I walk over and say “Hi”and I think to myself he is so cheerful now!!

The End!!