Grade 5

Nova Scotia

Meaning of home

Meaning of Home

Home is a warm blanket where you feel warm and cozy, and where you come home from a bad day and feel good, like a hot chocolate, nice and warm inside of you. The cup is the protection for your home, and the marshmallows are the family that make the home completed.

Boom! Slam! I belly flopped into my bed I was crying like crazy. I felt the pillow under my face. It was a normal day at school, until me and my best friend got in a huge fight.
“Now we aren’t friends anymore.” I cried it was the worst day ever I thought he would never be my friend again

I was in my bed crying I broke up with my best friend at school, my face was buried on the pillow, I was saying in my head “I am a terrible friend” I was petrified I sat up. suddenly I felt better I did not know what was happening, so I went to my desk to have some quiet time and to draw , I love to draw dragons especially cute ones.

Next I went down stairs to help my dad make dinner, I still felt a little sad. We were making spaghetti the noodles were long and skinny they looked like little worms but something about them made it special, I found what was special I was making it with my dad that made it special. I asked my dad if we could do the noodle trick and he said “no” in other words he rejected me. But I did not make a big fuss about it then me and my dad started having a conversation I forgot completely about it.

Now it has been almost 2 years since that happened and we are best friends again. Now I know what that feeling was it was home that back then.That day was a bad day but it ended up being a very good day because my family was there they told me it would be okay and they were right it was okay. Home is a place where you are happy remember that now.