Grade 5

Nova Scotia

meaning of home

Meaning of home
Could you imagine not having a place to go back to and feel at Home when you’re homesick? Or when you need a hug or a helping hand, And where you will always be welcome to be yourself? I know I can’t, For me my home is wherever my family is

I walked in the door at 41 Cowie hill, the smell of fresh warm, fresh bread with sauce and cheese hit me, Yum PIZZA!

I was in my car driving to my friends house, We were having a sleepover .I’m excited, I told my dad , After about five minutes we were there ,We knocked on the door Knock, Knock, Knock! Hi my friend said, The smell of pizza naled me right across the face it smelled like fresh worm bread with sauce and cheese all sliced up together and in the oven, But sadly I had already eaten supper at my house 🙁 We walked in thru the kitchen to the main room we were both thinking the exact same thing but I spit it out first, “What do you want to do “ the question that everybody asks at play dates . Neither of us knew what we wanted to do so we just watched the movie Annie.

During the movie I started to get home sick I was missing my home , At that moment I wondered what do I miss ? why do I miss home? What do I miss about it? Then I realized that i miss my family

That day I found out what home was to me where my family