Grade 5

Nova Scotia

Meaning of home


Have you ever felt the feeling where you’ve wanted something for a long time, then you got it? That’s how I felt when discovered that I was going to… Hugh’s. Hugh’s is home to me because you can play freely and have fun all the time! And all the staff are nice so I feel safe.

VROOOOM!!!! I was in my car driving home from walmart. Then all of the sudden my mom said: ‘‘Would you like to go to Hugh’s this year?” I replied: ‘‘YES!!!!!”. I’d wanted to go to Hugh’s for such a long time. Then my mom said ‘‘I’m calling him.” ‘‘YESSS!!!!” I screamed. After she talked to Hugh she said ‘‘It’s official, you’re going to Hugh’s next year!” ‘‘YES!” I replied. I couldn’t wait to go to Hugh’s after every school day.

Finally it was the first day of school. Me and the other people that go to Hugh’s couldn’t wait for the bell to ring. A couple hours later it was finally the end of the day, time to go to Hugh’s! My friends and I all walked to Hugh’s together. When we got there I played with my friends and had fun!

Hugh’s is really fun, I think I’m going to like going there for the rest of the year!