Grade 4


Meaning of Home


A home means a lot to us. It is where your feelings and memories stay and will always be. Everyone should have a home because everyone wants to be safe and free. We can make homeless people happy by giving them a home. A home is also a place for you and your family to live in. In your home you can play, learn, and feel comfortable living their. A home keeps you safe from the cold, rain, and any other type of horrifying weather. It keeps all your family members in a safe and protected shelter.

To make a home be a home, you have to have peace in it. To do that you can always have a moments of silence so it can be relaxing. You can also care for one another by helping and being kind to each other.

Another way to make a home is love. To do this you can love your family because they take care of you and will always do this forever. Also to do this you have to love your food and drinks because if you did not have this you might die. The last thing that can love to a home is to love your !HOME!. Love is what makes a home.

The last thing that can make a home is happiness. The first thing that you can do is always laughing. You can even support each other’s needs. The last that you can do is to support each other’s needs. The last thing you can do is to always smile. Happiness is what makes a home.

WELL WHAT MAKES A HOME BE A HOME THEN? The thing that makes a home is… Peace, love, and happiness are 3 things that will always build a home. I even wish that all the poor in the world can have a home and be safe! A home will always mean a lot to me.