Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home is no other place like home. Home is where you can share with everyone! It is where you feel the most comfortable. It is where you feel loved by everyone around you. It is where you can express yourself and be the amazing you! Home is also where your fantastic family is. It is also where you feel safe and happy. Home is where you feel important, welcomed and where you feel like you belong. When you come home, you run into your parents’ arms; they throw you into the refreshing air and then you fall into your parents’ arms once again.

But some people don’t have any of those! They don’t feel safe, they are cold, they have neither food nor water and more badly they don’t have a home! They don’t feel comfortable. They lost a lot of family. Also, they don’t have enough money to go to school and learn. They feel like ants and we are giants; we have enough money for food, for school and new clothes every year, every month or every week even. Some of them get sick, break a leg or get seriously injured! What can they do without enough money for medicine or a doctors appointment. Luckily going to the hospital is free. Over 1,000,000 people don’t have a home. A home where they feel important, welcomed, loved and safe