Grade 6

Oak Bank MB

Meaning of home

Tonight on this long winding road you can hear laughter filling the still calm night. There is one house on the road, a mother and her two daughters are in the kitchen baking cookies and stuffing a turkey in the kitchen. It is Christmas Eve and the little house is booming with festivity, in the family room a boy and his father are setting up a fresh green pine tree for celebration. The boy is winding a string of lights around the dark green tree. The father is nail bright red stockings to the mantel above the dancing flam of the fire.

Later the family gathers around the bright flame of the fire and sings. They sing so beautifully together sharing memories and stories. The stories, the laughter, and the memories this is what makes a house a home. The is my family sharing stories and memories around our fire place by our Christmas tree, relatives come over and we play games all night then when it is time to go I am always sad when they have to go. This is what makes my house feel like a home.