Grade 4


Meaning Of Home

What Home Means To Me

When I am home I am safe. Its comfortable to know that. I like the size. It can fit 13 people or more. My room has a lot of space except I take most of it up. It’s history… well not really. My sister has been living there all her life. Choosing is a big part to. I Get to pick what I want to eat. The sad part is that I have to make it myself but I kind-of like it. My sister always wants mac and cheese,AKA kraft dinner. I am surprised she can afford it.*sister has depressed face.* My cat mittens is two years old and she I super plump. She runs around my house like five times a day because it is so big. My home is really unique. It has 4 floors including the attic. Like I said my room is big but not so big. It can fit up to propblily 8 people. It is peaceful. My back yard has a trampoline,play fort and a shed. My mom doesn’t do gardening but she waters flowers in the summer. And that is what home means to me.