Grade 5


meaning of home

Grade 5
Jocelyn Ruark

My dusty shelves and meaning full picture,
Are what makes my room my home,
My fluffy couches and people cuddling,
is what makes my living room my home,
my messy toys and friends, are what makes my play room my home,
my frosty basement,
is what makes my basement my home,
my toasty fireplace and loving hearts,
are what makes my den my home,
my chipped deck and people playing,
are what makes my backyard my home,
my antique piano and family,
I what makes my dinning room my home,
The tight walls,
Is what makes my storage room my home,
My clothes spread everywhere and family helping each other,
Is what makes my laundry room my home,
My tooth paste spread in the sink,
Is what makes my bathroom my home,
The sweat steam from the pot,
Is what makes my kitchen my home,
All the tools and toys,
Are what makes my garage my home,
The sawdust smell and people working,
Is what makes my shed my home,
The morning sun and dew on the grass,
Is what makes my front yard my home.

Home is a place
you can be yourself, feel comfortable, and be loved.
Home is a place,
Where you can let loose and know no one will laugh at you,
Home is a place,
Where you can make mistakes, yell at each other, and make memories,
Home is a place,
where you can have fights and forgive each other with a loving smile,
home is a place,
where you can express your feelings,
home is a place,
where can have loving family that supports you.