Grade 5


Meaning of home

I love my home because I can get fed and be healthy.
It’s where I can sleep. It’s where I could have fun with my friends and family. But it’s also a place that I could express my emotions to my family. It’s where I could stay if i’m sick or I could stay to do homework after school.But it can also keep me safe. It’s where I could rest and keep calm. It’s a place where i could stay warm. It’s where i could wake up and get my cloths on. It’s where i could be lazy and play fifa 16 all day on my xbox and play on my ipad. It’s a place where i could get ready for bed. I love my family there kind nice and awesome my brother Lucas was kind of annoying but he’s nice now and my sisters name is Mackenzie and she is really cool my moms name is juliana she awesome and funny but my dad his name is james he’s takes us everywhere and he also gets us some toys if we want it. It’s also a place where I could do arts and crafts cause I love art. The end