Grade 5


Meaning Of Home

Home means a safe & a loving place. It also means that you have a safe family that lives with you & that cares. My home is a environmentally place for me & my family. I love my home because it gives me joy & happiness. My home also gives me time to think about anything I have done. It also gives me time to just be myself for once. I have a loving family that lives with me & that is a strong kind and sometimes obnoxious. My home is where I live & I’m proud of it because it is where i sleep & wake up in the morning. & if you have a home be grateful that you have one because there is a lot of families that don’t have a home.But if you don’t appreciate your home you should just give it or help one of those families that don’t have a home and get them a home. If you help them get them a home they would be so happy & they might put a smile on your face. & if they put a smile on your face you would probably feel better about having a home. Your home is the only place in the world that will make you happy. & if you have a pet it will probably make your life better & a more happy place.