Grade 6


Meaning of home


A home has a lot of love. Your parents will love you no matter what you do they will always love you. There is love in your cousins and grandparents. There is love in every family. There is love in every house no matter where the house is there is always love.


In every house there are dreams. When you sleep you dream about everyone who loves you and everyone who you love. There are dreams about what you want to do when you grow up or be. No matter where you are you have dreams. There is nothing you can do with dreams.


There are memories in any home. If you want to make memories you should make a mess in your home. Memories are made in other ways, not just making a mess to make memories. Memories are a way to remember someone who has passed away in your family.

Memories are a way to remember your family no matter what.


Homes are comfortable in any way. You want a comfortable home so homes make you feel loved. Homes are comfortable no matter where you are. Your cousins home is comfortable your grandparents home is comfortable really any home is comfortable.


A home is always safe. You feel safer when you are home with someone like your pets. Your safe with your family too. You will feel safe in any way at home. You will feel safe at home no matter where you are.