Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home
“Let love abide & bless those who step inside”
When I walk into my home I feel so comfortable & accepted for who I am. I’m glad that I have a home. A home is something special your family makes. Everyday you make more & more memories with your family.
I feel so sad for people that don’t have a home. Did the homeless people plan to not have a home? When my mum went to Mexico I missed her a lot. It was like a piece of my home was missing but when she came back the piece of my home came back! When my family and I went to BC to visit my grandma & grandpa I missed my home a lot. I wanted to come back a lot. I wasn’t in my home for three weeks. When I came back to my home I was so happy.
To me a house is like an old fashion donut. Just plain & has noting on it. But a home is like a Boston cream donut with the chocolate & the cream. The chocolate is memories & the cream is like is like love.
That is the meaning of a HOME