Grade 6


Meaning of Home…

I love my home! The smell and feeling when I walk into my home. My family has moved a lot in the past years! We have built three houses in our whole life, and every home we have lived in was unique and a comforting place for me. Each house had the same feelings, love, and care. My house is always full of laughter, friends, family, and much more!

My family loves having people come over, including parties. Let’s get off track for a moment! I think it’s funny when the parents are into a good conversation and us kids realize it’s 1:00am in the morning! I feel like my family’s house is a very welcoming place. To be honest I do miss my old house because of memories, but I know that I’m making more memories in the newer house.

I think my favourite time of the year when my house just feels extra comforting is at Christmas time! The smell of Christmas baking, making snowmen in the front yard, when I come in from having fun outside and getting hot chocolate, going sledding, making gingerbread houses, the amazing Christmas tree smell, the presents you stare at, and when mom’s not looking shake it, and when you wake up that Christmas morning; so awesome! Don’t forget when you have your Christmas gatherings!

What I’m trying to get to is that everyone needs a loving home, and that I will always be grateful for my home!