Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Home is not just rooms and rugs and walls,
not just beds, chairs and empty halls.
Not just a window to watch the shore,
Not just a building, no its much more.
Home is a memory, a hope, a faith, a family,
Home is a love, a happiness, a melody,
Home is not just a house, it is something inside,
A feeling in which you can always confide.
Home is people who will always be there,
People who know, who love and who care.
Yours can be big, medium or small,
but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter at all.
Even the poorest deserve a home,
A song to wake up to, a field to roam.
And perhaps a small, but comfy bed,
With a pillow so soft, to rest their sleepy head.
Not forgetting a family, to love you past dawn,
You don’t realise it’s beautiful, until it’s all gone.
Home is a place for people – together, forever,
Always best friends, never to sever.
For home is a harmony we keep in our heart,
Every new home, a beautiful new start.
And though shelter is great and a house just fine,
That everlasting love is simply divine.
And when you’re lost, afraid and alone,
It’s always comforting to have home, sweet home.