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Meaning of home

The meaning of home

Home is where you feel like from the moment you get there you know it’s the place you want to be. You feel safe and warm and loved, Every sad moment comes cheer from your family. When you feel secure you don’t want to leave, I say everybody should be able to have a safe and affordable home.

Home for me is where you celebrate traditions such as the day you were born and the day your family members were born. Home is where you have a roof over your head a table to share with family and discuss how you day was. Home is where you get many hugs and kisses from your mom and dad,it’s where you make memories you will never forget.
Home is a place to wake up and be happy that you have breakfast served and dinner when you get home.

Home is where you show your love to thank our God above at the dinner table while we share our thoughts and know you won’t be judged by whom is there with you sharing hands and praying quietly.
Having a home means sharing love for it, caring for it,and always never forgetting. Always give a hand up not out.