Grade 4

Drayton Valley

Meaning of Home

What home means to me is bubble baths and family. Some people do not have homes. Some have no money and food. It means people need to give some stuff to the poor people. Some people need a home or a free hotel and some breakfast to. But some people do not have no stuff but close so if you see someone if you want you can give them some money. You can go boating and play street hockey with your family watching your sport games. If you like movies you can have movie night at school or at home. The poor can buy stuff if you give People money they can buy a house. The poor can buy food if you give them money from your car or outside. If you have money and you see someone standing there you can ask if they need money. If you need some money you can wait till someone asks. People should give some homeless people some if you can. If you can give people homeless people who live on the streets. The people that live on the streets maybe got kicked out of a house or always lived on the streets. The people who live in houses and have a lot of money but the poor do not have money if you want you can give some money to the poor people. If you see someone on the road you can give them some money so they can by a taxi or get a hotel. People can get kicked out of their own house so they have no money. If you have seen someone that you know you can pick them up to bring them to their house. If you have a sidling that lives on a streets.