Grade 4

Drayton Valley

Meaning of Home

I love my home.
Home to me is pets, family and toys and
It is my bed,because it is soft and squishy my roof and it is the place where I am loved to.

Lots of people don’t have toys or love or a house.

At home, I watch my fish
I play with my brother
I snuggle with my mom and dad
I show my dad my games.

At home, we have family movie nights.
We play games, like pie face
And take care of our garden.

So many people don’t have gardens, or games to play.
Love is a thing that we don’t all have.
Some children don’t have a mom or dad.
They just have themselves.

We can help them, somehow.
Let’s keep on pushing and trying to help.
The children who don’t have any of these things.

Home time is a time to cherish.
I have lots of love and family and friends.
Home is peace.
Love is the key to peace and harmony so appreciate the things you have don’t be picky.
I love my family.