Grade 4

Drayton Valley

Meaning of Home

The Meaning of home is where I share with loved ones. And I have good diners with my family. And I can smell the yummy baked food on the table and dessert.
But even if your home is all rusty you should be thankful for your home and When you walk into the house I Can see it and how beautiful it is inside.
And I get to play board games with my
family and friends, and i
get to have yummy baked cookies with them, And I get to help the people. Who don’t have a home and they can stay with us for a couple of
days until they have a home, in my family. We help other people that are in my family
And I share my home with other people in my family. And when they come in the house they just think of what we do for other people.
And I can stay in my pajamas all day
And relax on the couch with my family and watch a movies with them.
And sometimes i get to bake with my mom and auntie and when I bake good stuff I can smell the yummy baked goodies that we made. And I can smell the crisp air. I also get to sleep in with my family but that doesn’t happen in my house I can’t sleep in, at home. Sometimes me and my family do fun activities when it’s winter time we like to go tobogganing and skating so we do a lot of activities together.
So that’s what the meaning of home is to me in my family.