Grade 4

Drayton Valley

Meaning of Home

The meaning of home is the warmth in your heart The fresh breeze from the damp grass on the lawn When doggy kisses lick my face fine slobbery or not . The warmth of hot chocolate hitting my nose. The sound of my dog prancing around on the hardwood floor. The satisfying sound of the trees rustling. The fun of chasing my dog thru the woods. Trees swaying steadily in my path of the leaves. Deer prancing around in the distance of the trees. How much I love the in our home. The smell of fallen leaves in the air while i’m dancing around in the sun. Looking at the beautiful clouds that surround me. When I look at the trees they have no leaves. While I stay up late and star gaze. I will be a goalie while playing soccer with my mom. The heat scorching my face playing soccer flying thru the air toward me is the ball I jump and face plant in the dirt. There is my dog digging the dirt and the dirt is flying in my face. Birds tweeting in the trees and squirrels talking. So I went inside and played hide and seek I won the game. Then what is awesome is I had pumpkin spice latte and it was so yummy. I usually play badminton or tennis and I usually win but my mom does sometimes. I love my home because we have heat food water and a roof over our heads. Usually I play outside for 3 hours and I am building a fort with trees like a T.P. My home is also awesome because I have a chihuahua and he is so cute that’s why my home is awesome. I love my beautiful warm loving nice home.