Grade 6

Nova Scotia

meaning of home

Home is a place where you can feel good and hide from bullies and where you can eat homemade food. Growing up into different houses was weird but I got two of everything so it was not so bad. It is a place where you get Really good Wi-Fi. Home to me is where you can relax and be yourself, have quiet time, make funny jokes and lots of other things. that’s what home is to me. home is lots of things to different people. Also, it is lots of memories like when I had my first broken bone on my trampoline, my first birthday, my first pair of new skates, new neck guard, my first hockey stick, and even when I had my first friend, my first sleepover, my first pro scooter and My first bike. all of these are emotional memories . Home is like a big memory. It is in your mind until you are older. Home is a big Emotional feeling. Home is Where you learn how to cook and learn how to use your Gnspes Account. Home is a place to Refuge from storms and that is one of the reasons i love my home. home is a place where you have your first Christmas, your first Easter, your first everything. home is a place where you have privacy , home is also a place where you have comfort . home is a place where you learn right from wrong. We should all Be grateful that we even have homes. home Is a place to be happy and have fun. Home is a place where all your loved ones are. Home is a place Where you Learn how to ride a bike and have your first steps and your first word. Thank you for reading my story. bye