Grade 6


Meaning of Home

My home is special because it has candles, Chinese things, construction papers & computers! My dad makes noodles (and instant noodles). My living room has Wii U, LEGOs, *amiibo*, disks and piano. My dad is extremely special because he goes on trips with me & he plays Pokemon GO. It makes me joyful that I could do piano, reading and math. My home is a blessing. My home is where I could be. My favorite food are bell peppers, eggplants, cheese, potato, bacon, eggs, poutine, French Fries & pizza. My parents make me food to eat. Fiona is my younger sister. Gilbert is my baby brother and next month he will turn 4. My mom works at a beauty salon. She works until 6:00PM. For Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. Mom’s salon opens about 10:00AM to 6:00PM. For Saturday, it opens about 9:30AM to 6:00PM. For Sunday & Holiday, it closed.