Grade 6

Medicine Hat

Meaning Of Home

My home means a lot to me. It holds all my belongings inside. Most of them are really important and really valuable to me. I love everyone and everything inside my home. It’s a really snug house. I have a really friendly dog named Julie -i know a really wierd name but my sister picked it and named her after her bff.- My room has one blue wall and the other 3 are light grey. It’s so nice to go home and rest after a long and usually annoying day at school. Now my home isn’t really snug. It feels like I have no pets when I have one.I used to have 2.. Mocha. Now she’s no longer at home to greet me. Home is usually where I sit alone and talk to my friends. Thinking about me house being burned to the ground or destroyed by a natural disaster would always make me cry. It still does. I feel so bad though for people who have no money and are homeless. Some homeless people could’ve been in wars so it’s sad to know that after they survived the disaster that they became homeless when they suppose to be rewarded for surviving. I want to do anything I can to help these people who have lost their homes. I can’t really imagine losing everything I have and everything I love. I really can’t. My home helps me think, pretty much helps me clear my head. I have a big backyard but the tree in it is broken. The branches are now on the ground making a big fort that I would like to go in. I know it’s to dangerous though. The branches will collapse eventually and I do not want to be the person hanging around under those branches. When the branches weren’t hanging I would sometimes sit out there or sit on the deck. Other times I’m in my room or living room. Everything in my home is some what valuable to me. In the future I hope to help as many people as I possibly can. Whether it’s making them happy or not. If I somehow become rich, I’m going to try to buy people homes, food, anything they want.