Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home

Have you ever been lost, and shouted out loud:
“I want to go home, I’d be happy, safe and sound”

I love my home, I’m sure you do too
How would you survive without a roof over you

Well some people don’t live the same life as you
They live outside, yes this is true

They can’t afford anything, not even a car
Some live on the streets, it sounds bazaar

I know this topic is very emotional
It’s just nature, it’s uncontrollable

So be thankful for the things that you have
You should be happy, cheerful and glad

You can help raise awareness for this awful problem
Donating some money might help solve some

You can give some food to homeless people
They’ed be happy and very gleeful

They’ll thank you and praise you and be very kind
It’s coming from their heart, not only their mind