Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home
I was about 7 at the time when I was going for a walk on December first and I saw a man shivering. He had a ripped t-shirt and torn ripped up jeans. When I was walking back home I felt like I was taking things for granted. When I was at my front door I picked up a handful of snow without my gloves and it felt like knives were going into my skin. At that moment I thought how that man was feeling right then. I went inside my house and looked at all the things I had taken for granted like the fireplace, beds,couch,gloves,coat, and my family. I used to always complain on how small my room was. Now I am grateful for my room because that man doesn’t even have a room to stay warm in. The next day I packed gloves,hats,coats,a blanket, pillow, shoes, snow pants and my allowance which was 37 dollars. I gave him all the clothes. I also started giving him money every day. I did this for 24 days. Before I knew it, it was Christmas! On that day it was not school but in the afternoon I went for a walk with my family past the alley. I told my parents about him and what I did. The man stood up then said thank you and gave me a teddy bear with the money I gave him. I thanked him and then invited him to spend Christmas with me and my family. He nodded his head in agreement. On that night he had Christmas dinner with my family. My mom said he could stay in our guest room for awhile. Eventually he got a job and moved away into an apartment.