Grade 5


Meaning of Home

When I was little I thought everyone had a home, a comfy bed, a couch. Now I see that some people don’t even have money to buy food.
A home is where you sleep, eat, and share bright, kind, warm memories with your family.Christmas, Easter, New Year, Thanksgiving are all on the list. Even something as simple as eating pizza would be a shared memory by me and my family. I have a warm, bright, safe home where I feel comfortable and I am always welcomed. Home is where my family will always be safe, happy, and loved.
Inside your home you are a star. I’m valued inside my home. Everyone deserves to have a home. I’m thankful I have a home.
It’s very hard to believe that some people don’t have a home. I have seen people experiencing homelessness outside on the streets looking dirty and filthy. I thought about that and decided to stop homelessness. It hurts to even think about people who don’t have a comfy place to sleep, eat, and where they are loved.
But at school I found out about an organization called Habitat for Humanity. They really help people with no home by building homes in the world every 5.5 minutes. They have lots of sponsors and donors, and I hope to be one of them. There are also other organizations in the world that help build affordable, life changing homes. There are people out there who need support, and there are people who are willing to help. Everyone deserves a home no matter who you are, What you like , or what your culture is. Having a home is a privilege, a treasure, and a supposed to have thing.