Grade 5


Meaning of Home

A home is the place where I live. I live in a big beautiful home. There are four members living in it with me. my mom, dad, brother and Uncle Jeff. My home offers security, happiness and acceptance. My home acts like a shelter to me.That’s why I call it Home Sweet Home. It’s not just made out of wood, concrete and bricks it’s also love that holds it together. There is so much I can do inside. I can watch TV, play Wii, sleep and so much more. I can do things outside as well. I can jump on the trampoline, play basketball, run around, play soccer and run in the sprinkler. I am very proud of my
Wherever I look in my home I can see pictures and people I love of places I’ve been, souvenirs we have collected. They remind me of special occasions in my family. For example, my bedroom has a crystal light fixture which my mom, dad and I bought in Slovakia. It brings me beautiful memories from our trip last fall. I still have to put some slide pictures together from our trip but my parents have been very busy lately.

In my home we have to follow rules. It teaches me responsibility and it keeps us from breaking objects. I don’t want to replace good memories with bad memories if something I got from a vacation was destroyed. I have to studies and do homework everyday. Sometimes I get frustrated sometimes with my study, but I can always find someone who can help me at home.

Home is like a forever lasting Treasure because it isn’t a thing, it is a feeling in my heart.