Grade 5


meaning of home

Home is a place where you feel safe, make memories and feel comfortable. It is where everything feels right. Where you express your feelings. Home is a place where you respect each other. Where you are loved and cared for. You spend holidays there and have people over. A home is a place to be a family and spend time together. At home you get taken care of. You tell jokes, be silly and laugh. It is where you want to live for a long time. Home Is where you can be crazy, study and find solutions to problems. At home you eat delicious meals as a family and watch movies. It is where you dream about possibilities and be thankful for what you have.

If you do not have a home then you do not feel the love and care you deserve. You are lonely and have no place to call home. If you do not have a home you would not have your basic necessities. Being homeless means that you do not have somewhere comfortable to sleep. If you did not have a home how would you feel? It would not be safe or warm but it is not a choice.

We can help by volunteering at a shelter or help build an affordable home. Habitat for Humanity is building an affordable home every 5.5 seconds. Lets all work together so we can reduce homelessness. So that there are less people that have to live on the streets or on park benches. Let’s give “A hand up not a hand out”.