Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Home is a place where you feel loved and accepted for who you are. A shelter to feel warmth and to build memories together with your family. Some people do not have have houses like people around us. Some are wondering around looking for a shelter. Look at us, we are in our homes eating delicious meals, sleeping in comfortable beds. Some can’t afford a house, some don’t even have their own family! We are in our warm beds resting, while others are looking for a place to seek.

I love my home because my family cares for me, supports me, and my home is where I celebrate holidays with my family. My home is not just my home because my family is there. It’s where I grew up and built memories. I learned how to talk and walk in my home. A mass of those people in the streets right now don’t have those special memories and moments like we do.

The more entries we do, the more chances we have to save a person’s life. Those people would be very thankful for giving them a safe place to live in, and to have delicious meals to eat like us. Home is not just a safe place to be, but where you grew up and shared those special memories you will never forget! If you help people out there who are in need of assistance, they too will grow up and make those special memories, all because you helped!