Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home

A home a home,
a place where I roam.

A place that I cherish,
a place where I stay when I’m feverish.

A place where I sleep every night,
the place with the brightest light.

A home is a wonderful place,
with something warm like a fireplace.

A home is a wonderful thing to have,
where I make most of the memories I have.

Where I have my birthdays,
and family days.

Where I celebrate Chinese New Year,
and where I wait for my birthday to come near.

A home is the best place in the universe,
yet some have it in reverse.

Many living on the streets,
with a cup at their feet.

Hoping for someone generous to pass by,
hoping for food like some pie.

Some need to bear the bitter cold,
as they grow old.

The wonderful thing is that there are many helping the homeless,
they are not all hopeless.

Shelters where they can sleep,
warm cloth in a heap.

Offer them a job,
they will not rob.

Home For Humanity is building homes,
so I shall write this poem