Grade 6

Northern Bay
Newfoundland and Labrador

Meaning of Home

My Senses of home

Hi,i am going to be talking about some senses of my home.I will be talking about my seeing,smelling, and hearing of home.i hope you will enjoy.

Things I see at home-Things I see at home is my family,my pets,my room,my toys,my clothes. Also my bed,my food on the table hot and ready.Some of those things I just listed are things other people can’t afford.And all of these things I am so thankful for.

Things I smell at home-things that I smell at home is banana bread in the oven.Also food that my mom has made for me on the table.Like supper or dinner or even a treat like cake that my mom makes me and the rest of us.Another thing I smell at home is my perfume in my room in the mornings when I get ready to go.

Things I hear at home-Things that I hear at home are my sister yelling.or even my brother.My mom telling me something or get something.Or even me talking on the phone.Or even talking to a family member.Or telling my sister or brother to do or get something.Also my cat/pets balling.Like my cat meowing and I would talk to him too.

Thank you all for taking your time and listing to me to day.have a nice day